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“I feel so much better. I wish that I had been here earlier.”

- Mary

Missoula’s Physical Therapists Since 1984.

Valley Physical Therapy is a locally owned and independent private practice that has been serving our local community since 1984. We are also physical therapist-owned and that means we value quality, personalized care for our patients. Our team consists of talented employees - both clinical and non-clinical - who have a strong reputation for clinical quality, effective outcomes and positive customer service.

Our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive physical therapy services through growing knowledge and skills, empowerment of clients, and promotion of health and wellness. We emphasize individual client evaluation and treatment to help clients meet their personal goals.

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 Spring Training

Spring is finally here, the temperature is rising, and summer is just around the corner.  It is time to spruce up the lawn, plant the garden, and begin enjoying a new season of outdoor activities.  With every season comes a new opportunity to get active, get fit, and revisit your New Year’s resolution!  Unfortunately, it also presents a new risk for injury.  This spring why not get proactive?  Before you head out to the yard or the ball field, warm-up with a brisk walk and a few stretches.  A brisk walk will increase the heart rate and increase blood circulation to the arms and legs warming up the tissues to prepare them for action.  Once the blood is pumping and the muscles warmed, take a moment to stretch the arms, legs, neck and back.  Implement a core strengthening program to help prevent back injuries.  A complete core program should include the three B’s…belly, back and butt.  If you have a history of back injury, or you are unsure of the best exercises for you, consult a physical therapist to establish an appropriate program to get you on your way.  Be sure to engage your core in every activity. 

Amber Coulter, MSPT