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CoreAlign At Valley P.T.

The CoreAlign is an exciting new piece of equipment being used in all three of our clinics at Valley Physical Therapy. It was developed in 2005 by a physical therapist as a way to strengthen core and limb musculature while maintaining ideal alignment in the standing position. The CoreAlign has 2 independent tracks and a workout ladder. The independent moving tracks can provide equal or separate resistance allowing free flowing exercise. Strengthening occurs in the spine, arms and legs simulating functional movement patterns that can be simplified or progressed.

What I like best about the CoreAlign is that with proper instruction in ideal alignment during the exercise the exercise itself can carry over into ideal function. Retraining pain free movement is the ultimate goal in physical therapy for everyone who comes through our door.

CoreAlign can be used to design a program that would benefit everyone from the generally healthy population with pain to an elite athlete.